Markup: Title With Special Characters

Put­ting spe­cial cha­rac­ters in the title should have no adver­se effect on the lay­out or func­tio­na­li­ty. Spe­cial cha­rac­ters in the post title have been kno­wn to cau­se issues with Java­Script when it is mini­fied, espe­cial­ly in the admin when edi­ting the post itself (ie. issues with meta­bo­xes, media upload, etc.). Latin Cha­rac­ter Tests This is […]

Markup: Title With Markup

Veri­fy that: The post title ren­ders the word “with” in ita­lics and the word “mar­kup” in bold. The post title mar­kup should be remo­ved from the bro­w­ser win­dow / tab.