Durc on-line — Novità (17.9)

Dal gior­no 15 mar­zo u.s. il siste­ma di gestio­ne del Durc on line si ade­gua alle modi­fi­che pre­vi­ste dal Decre­to del  Mini­ste­ro del Lavo­ro e del­le Poli­ti­che socia­li del 23 feb­bra­io 2016. I por­ta­li di INPS e INAIL tra­sfe­ri­sco­no al siste­ma del­le Cas­se Edi­li non più solo le richie­ste di DURC riguar­dan­ti le impre­se con un […]

How to rename the wordpress folder?

The­re are times when you need to move Word­Press around within your ser­ver, and times when you need to move Word­Press from one ser­ver to ano­ther. You don’t need to rein­stall. Word­Press is fle­xi­ble enou­gh to hand­le all of the­se situa­tions. When Your Domain Name and URLs Do Not Chan­ge Moving your domain without chan­ging […]

Giving wordpress its own directory

Many peo­ple want Word­Press to power their site’s root (e.g. http://example.com) but they don’t want all of the Word­Press files clut­te­ring up their root direc­to­ry. Word­Press allo­ws you to install it into a sub­di­rec­to­ry, but have your blog exi­st in the site root. As of Ver­sion 3.5, Mul­ti­si­te users may use all of the func­tio­na­li­ty […]


Boo­tstrap pro­vi­des seven sty­les of but­tons: To achie­ve the but­ton sty­les abo­ve, Boo­tstrap has the fol­lo­wing clas­ses: .btn-default .btn-pri­ma­ry .btn-suc­cess .btn-info .btn-war­ning .btn-dan­ger .btn-link Lar­ge but­ton Default but­ton Small but­ton Extra small but­ton Default Pri­ma­ry Suc­cess Info War­ning Dan­ger Link Lar­ge but­ton Lar­ge but­ton Default but­ton Default but­ton Small but­ton Small but­ton Extra small but­ton […]

Font awesome icons

Using CSS Copy the enti­re font-awe­so­me direc­to­ry into your pro­ject. In the <head> of your html, refe­ren­ce the loca­tion to your font-awesome.min.css. <link rel=“stylesheet” href=“path/to/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css”>     Home   Libra­ry   Appli­ca­tions   Set­tings Inclu­des 200 gly­phs in font for­mat from the Font Awe­so­me set. Gly­phi­cons Hal­flings are nor­mal­ly not avai­la­ble for free, but their […]

About Bootstrap

The tem­pla­te files of Bloc­k­no­te 3.0 are sim­ple and use the same prin­ci­ple for each pages. Bloc­k­no­te 3.0 use .html file as inde­pen­dent ele­ment. The .html file is a gene­ral ele­ment such as header.html, footer.html, menu.html etc. In .php file tho­se files mer­ged to make a sin­gle page file. All of the tem­pla­te files are […]