Boo­tstrap pro­vi­des seven sty­les of but­tons: To achie­ve the but­ton sty­les abo­ve, Boo­tstrap has the fol­lo­wing clas­ses: .btn-default .btn-pri­ma­ry .btn-suc­cess .btn-info .btn-war­ning .btn-dan­ger .btn-link Lar­ge but­ton Default but­ton Small but­ton Extra small but­ton Default Pri­ma­ry Suc­cess Info War­ning Dan­ger Link Lar­ge but­ton Lar­ge but­ton Default but­ton Default but­ton Small but­ton Small but­ton Extra small but­ton […]

About Bootstrap

The tem­pla­te files of Bloc­k­no­te 3.0 are sim­ple and use the same prin­ci­ple for each pages. Bloc­k­no­te 3.0 use .html file as inde­pen­dent ele­ment. The .html file is a gene­ral ele­ment such as header.html, footer.html, menu.html etc. In .php file tho­se files mer­ged to make a sin­gle page file. All of the tem­pla­te files are […]

Markup: Text Alignment

Default This is a para­gra­ph. It should not have any ali­gn­ment of any kind. It should just flow like you would nor­mal­ly expect. Nothing fan­cy. Just straight up text, free flo­wing, with love. Com­ple­te­ly neu­tral and not pic­king a side or sit­ting on the fen­ce. It just is. It just frea­king is. It likes whe­re […]